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What is lanolin?



It is a soft, yellow, waxy substance secreted by the sebaceous glands of sheep. Its purpose is to waterproof and protect the wool.
Chemically, lanolin is a complex mixture of esters, fatty acids and alcohols. Lanolin can be extracted from raw wool mechanically, by squeezing, but many methods in the past have used a chemical cocktail for this purpose.
Crude lanolin makes up between 5-25% of the weight of freshly shorn wool.
Lanolin is an excellent moisturising ingredient, as it emulsifies water on the skin and holds it there; its cushioning, plumping effect is noticeable. It is a perfect ingredient for conditioning and protecting the skin. It creates a protective film over the skin, allowing it to function and breathe naturally.
Medical grade lanolin is used as an ointment base, as the skin easily absorbs it. It facilitates the delivery of any medicinal ingredient it carries.
Lanolin is used in a number of hair treatments for its protective qualities and impressive conditioning effect.


Product name: Lanolin Anhydrous
CAS NO: 8006-54-0
Appearance: light yellow colloid,yellow cream
Grade: Cosmetic and pharma grade
Standard: USP, EP
Package: 200kg iron drum/50kg iron drum/18kg iron drum

LANOLIN General background

n understanding of Lanolin’s unique qualities is helpful.
LANOLIN is the precious oily secretion from the skin of the sheep that becomes trapped in the sheep’s wool. When the sheep is shorn each year (the sheep’s hair cut) the wool is washed, processed & the Lanolin Oil extracted & refined.
The Lanolin is the Sheep’s natural nourisher & protector against the extremes of its environment.
These oils of Lanolin are extremely similar to those natural oils we secrete from within our own skin(we’re both animals).
Thus Lanolin is the only animal (human compatible) oil obtainable without having to kill or dissect the animal.
While most moisturising cremes & lotions use as their base oils, either vegetable or mineral oils, they don’t have Lanolin’s compatibility to those oils of our skin. We use some mineral & vegetable oils as supplements.
But Lanolin in our opinion forms the greatest replacement of our endlessly leached skin oils (washing, pollution, air-conditioning etc). Leached due to our environmental harshness & modern way of life.

LANOLIN In summary

  • LANOLIN one of nature’s own oils …. a humidifying protector.
  • LANOLIN exists as a natural oil on the skin and in the fibre of sheep’s wool.
  • LANOLIN acts as a waterproof raincoat to the animal.
  • LANOLIN is referred to as ‘wool fat or wool grease’ by farmers.
  • LANOLIN resembles the sebaceous secretions of our own skin.
  • LANOLIN is separated from the shorn sheep’s wool after each spring clipping.
  • LANOLIN is a wonderful emollient.

Pure natural LANOLIN is too thick and too greasy for the skin.
Merino Skincare uses various fractions of LANOLIN in scientifically balanced proportions.

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