Imaherb Factory supply 5-deazaflavin Powder CAS 26908-38-3

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Product Name:Imaherb Factory supply 5-deazaflavin Powder CAS 26908-38-3
Place of Origin:China
Appearance:Light Yellow Powder
Grade Standard:Tech Grade
Storage:Cool Dry Place
Shelf Life:2 years

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Imaherb Factory supply 5-deazaflavin Powder CAS 26908-38-3

5-deazaflavin powder is a pyridopyrimidine compound derived from flavin, also known as vitamin B2. It is created by replacing the aza group, which contains a nitrogen N element, at position 5 with a deaza substitution, which contains a carbon C element.

This unique deaza substitution enables the 5-deazaflavin backbone to function similarly to the vitamin B3 backbone, NMN/NAD+. Interestingly, the vitamin B2 backbone is chemically stable, and 5-deazaflavin has multiple substituents that can be converted.

There are ten conversion patterns at each of the three sites, which allows for as many as 1000 adaptations. Of all the possible adaptations, the best overall improved version was named TND1128.

The adaptability of 5-deazaflavin and the potential of its derivatives, such as TND1128, make it an exciting compound for further research and development. Its ability to function similarly to NMN/NAD+ and its adaptability to be converted in various ways could have a wide range of applications in different fields, such as longevity medicine and energy production.

Product Name

Imaherb Factory supply 5-deazaflavin Powder CAS 26908-38-3


Light Yellow Powder

Molecular formula


Molecular weight





98% min


Anti-aging, Longevity

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5-deazaflavin VS NMN

5-Deazaflavin and NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) are known for their potential anti-aging and longevity benefits. These benefits are attributed to their ability to increase the levels of NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide), a coenzyme involved in various biological processes, including cellular energy production and DNA repair.

  • NMN has to Convert to NAD+ to Work, but Deazaflavin Works Directly

        NMN converts into NAD+ within the cells, supporting cellular functions and counteracting age-related decline. However, this conversion process may be less efficient than direct NAD+ supplementation.

        On the other hand, 5-Deazaflavin acts directly without the need for conversion. This property may give it an advantage in potency and efficiency compared to NMN.

  • Deazaflavin is More Potent than NMN

         Research indicates that 5-Deazaflavin may be more potent than NMN regarding its effects on cellular health and longevity. It has been reported to be 40 times more potent than NMN.

How does 5-deazaflavin work?

The potential impact of 5-deazaflavin is believed to be linked to the activation of the sirtuin gene, also known as the longevity gene, and the activation of mitochondria. These two factors are thought to be crucial in the compound’s ability to enhance cellular function and potentially promote longevity.

  • Mitochondrial activation

         Mitochondria are the cell’s powerhouse and play a crucial role in cellular energy production. It is suggested that 5-deazaflavin might influence the activity of these organelles, leading to an increase in energy output within cells.

  • Activation of the sirtuin gene

        Sirtuins are a family of proteins believed to be involved in diverse cellular activities, such as gene expression, energy metabolism, and aging. By potentially activating the sirtuin gene, 5-deazaflavin could help regulate several key cellular processes.

Benefits of 5-deazaflavin supplements

  • As a next-generation NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide), 5-deazaflavin shows potential in anti-aging for its unique properties and benefits.
  • Some research suggests that 5-deazaflavin may have immune-boosting properties, potentially helping to support a healthy immune system.
  • In addition, 5-deazaflavin has been used in an anticancer agent as an active ingredient in a Japanese patent.

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Imaherb Factory supply 5-deazaflavin Powder CAS 26908-38-3

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