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Pullulan (pullulan) application in soybean products


Pullulan (pullulan) application in soybean products

  Traditional bean curd condensation agent with magnesium chloride, low price, tofu to retain the original flavor. The disadvantage is that the bean curd condensation fierce finished surface roughness, water retention poor, low water content, there must be highly skilled in order to avoid these disadvantages. With calcium sulfate, glucose acid, can delay the rate of condensation, the finished surface is fine and smooth, but the flavor is poor。

      In the experiment of the application of pullulan, we occasionally find pullulan of protein polymer with special effects, bean curd condensation agent home pullulan is very prominent example。
      A portion of soybeans or defatted soybeans, soaking in water for 12 hours, ground water is 5, boil for 5 minutes, filter into soy milk, were added in Table 1 with the coagulant, after 2 hours of observation, the results are shown in Table 2, adding pullulan sample surface is exquisite, entrance slippery, the flavor is good, good performance of water retaining, the disadvantages of magnesium chloride improved, commodity value high。

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