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Everything you need to know about casein phosphopeptide.

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What is casein phosphopeptide?

The casein phosphopeptides (CPP) are derived from the milk protein casein by tryptic digestion. The CPP, containing the sequence -Pse-Pse-Pse-Glu-Glu- where Pse is a phosphoseryl residue, stabilize calcium and phosphate ions in aqueous solution and make these essential nutrients bioavailable. Under alkaline conditions the calcium phosphate is present as an alkaline amorphous phase complexed by the CPP, referred to as casein phosphopeptide-amorphous calcium phosphate (CPP-ACP). The CPP-ACP complexes readily incorporate fluoride ions forming casein phosphopeptide-amorphous calcium fluoride phosphate (CPP-ACFP).

Function and Application:

It can be added to variety of food ,including beverage ,baked food, cool drinks, milk based products, fermented food, snacks, candies, jam, children’s curried meat, chewing gum, health food ,and condiments ,it can meet different needs from different people with different age. Pure CPP and high pure CPP is used in medicine production.
CPP is particularly suitable for various health care products that enriched with calcium, iron and zinc, formulated milk for infants and students, nutritional soy milk, infant rice meal and other functional foods. the suggested dose for mineral enriched food is 30~50% of the total calcium content, and 0.5~1.0 times for health care products.

 Casein phosphopeptide–amorphous calcium phosphate complexes (CPP–ACP)

CPP–ACP is a milk product which helps in remineralization and prevents dental caries. Casein phosphopeptide can deliver amorphous calcium phosphate and can also help the ACP to bind with the dental enamel. Casein phosphopeptide can also decrease the count of Strept. Mutans as it has got the ability to integrate in the pellicle.
CPP is a peptide which contains elements that can bind calcium. Casein phosphopeptide can stabilize calcium phosphate present in the solution as amorphous calcium phosphate. Several in vitro studies have shown the role of CPP–ACP in the reversal of the early white spot lesion

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