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Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ) Supplement, what is PQQ and What Does It Do?



What Is PQQ and What Does It Do?

Pyrroloquinoline quinone, also known as PQQ, is a compound found naturally in the soil and certain foods that is believed to help aid in the formation of new mitochondria cells. It’s also produced naturally in your body from other amino acids and found in your tissues and bodily fluids.

PQQ can bring some serious benefits when it comes to your energy, as the mitochondria acts as the battery of the cell and is responsible for generating power. In fact, you can often find PQQ and COQ10 combined in supplements that are aimed at amping up energy levels and extending the life span.

PQQ also has antioxidant properties, and taking a PQQ supplement is believed to help reduce inflammation, boost brain power and even lower cholesterol levels — as well as provide a host of other powerful health benefits.

Importance of PQQ in Humans

Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ) was first isolated in 1979 when it was discovered to be as a cofactor for enzymatic reactions in bacteria.

Subsequent research on pigs indicated a similar role in mammals. However, today’s scientific consensus is that, unlike plants and bacteria, PQQ is probably not an enzymatic cofactor in humans .

Giving animals a diet deficient in PQQ limits growths and reproduction.

Found in high levels in breast milk, PQQ is presumed to be a non-vitamin growth factor. Hence, this is why there is reduced growth in rats deprived of PQQ.

PQQ is found in mammalian tissues. In humans, tissue concentration of PQQ is thought to be around 0.8-5.8ng/g .

Humans make 100 to 400 nanograms of PQQ each day.

The science is not clear how humans synthesize PQQ. In bacteria, PQQ is synthesized from the amino acids L-tyrosine and glutamate.


PQQ Benefits

Relieves Inflammation
Enhances Brain Function
Reduces Oxidative Stress
May Extend Life Span
Promotes Mitochondrial Function
Decreases Cholesterol
Improves Sleep


PQQ Supplement Uses

Heart Health
Disease Prevention
Weight Loss
Increased Energy
Better Brain Power
Natural Sleep Aid



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