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Butterfly Pea Powder Benefits


Are you suffering from low energy or brainpower? Feeling stressed? Anxiety? Can’t sleep? Can’t conceive? Constipated? Poor eyesight? Losing your hair or premature greying? Is your skin losing collagen?

Butterfly Pea is known to help.

Also known as Asian Pigeon Wings, Blue Bell Vine, Blue Pea, Cordofan Pea and Darwin pea, ‘Butterfly Pea’ (Clitoria ternatea) is an amazing brain boosting herb native to tropical equatorial Asia.

It is out with millennial pink and in with the blues instead – thanks to the butterfly pea or blue pea flower.The flower, which is used in food and drink as a natural food colouring and barely has any taste, is commonly seen in Thai, Malay and Peranakan cuisine.It is said to be full of antioxidants and is touted to improve skin quality, among other health benefits.

Benefits of Butterfly Pea

Improve eyesight

– Improving your eyesight, particularly nocturnal vision and inhibiting the growth of cataract.


– Flushing out free radicals from the body and as a result slowing down the ageing process by maintaining elasticity of cells.Preventing wrinkle formation by improving dermal health.

Anti-anxiety and depression

– Reduces stress and lift mood.


–Protecting the body against harmful carcinogens through effective detoxification and its high anti-oxidant level.

Improve hair growth

–Rich in bioflavonoids, Butterfly Pea can promote hair growth and reduce greying of hair.

How to Prepare Butterfly Pea Tea?

Materials required: 1 cup pea water;2 tablespoons honey;4 tablespoons syrup.

The first step is to make pea water, about 100 grams of fresh pea flowers, with clean water.Add 2 cups water and bring to a boil. Cover and wait 3 minutes.

Step 2: make the syrup in the ratio of 500ml water to 500ml sugar.

Step 3: mix the pea water and syrup in proportion to the honey to make the pea water beverage.

Attached: Butterfly pea PUNCH

Half a cup of pea water, four tablespoons of honey, six tablespoons of syrup, half a glass of lemon juice, a bottle of soda water, then mix it all together and add ice to make a tasty Punch.

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