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What Is Medium Chain Triglyceride?

Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) Oil Powder is the only MCT Oil Powder without any additives or fillers. Unlike other powdered MCT oils, this powdered MCT product is made of only 100% pure MCT oil from coconuts.

This MCT Oil Powder is a pure form of easily absorbed fatty acids that can be readily used by the brain, muscle and other tissues for a clean burning energy. MCTs do more than just provide the body with clean energy – they are also the precursor to other ketone bodies and assist you in getting into an effortless state of ketosis. Not only is this powder easy to travel with, MCTs in powder form are much easier on the digestive system than liquid MCT oil.

MCT oil powder is a perfect blend of 67% C8 and 33% C10 fatty acid chains. It contains ZERO net carbs and has no sugar or fillers such as maltodextrin.

MCT Oil Powder Notes:

  • Odourless & Flavourless, blends easily with drinks and meals
  • Take between meals for extra fat burning
  • Take before exercise for better energy production
  • MCT oil powder is easier to digest than liquid MCT oil

MCT Oil Powder is 95% C8-C10 MCTs, which means it is the most ketogenic of all MCTs available. Because of the unique metabolic properties of these MCTs, they are not stored as fat, but are turned into ketones to be used as a quick source of clean, simple, and effective fuel. Whether you want to make Coffee,  Yogurt, create a Shake, or any other food, you can rest assured that High Caliber MCT is the best form of ketogenic energy possible.

MCT Oil Powder is unsweetened.  For best results, use with erythritol, stevia, or xylitol.

How to use Reserpine?

Use as you would regular MCT oil to make a Bulletproof style drink – mix in coffee or tea to add a delicious and creamy taste. Or blend it in shakes and smoothies to get a good serving of healthy fats to help you absorb the fat-soluble nutrients in your drink.

Each tub contains 12oz of 100% pure powdered MCT oil, good for 30 full-scoop servings, or 60 half-scoop servings.

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