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Fucoidin , known as fucoside polysaccharides, fucoside sulfate, fucoside glue, fucoside sulfate, etc., mainly come from brown algae, which is a kind of polysaccharides containing fucose and sulfate groups.It has a variety of biological functions, such as anti-coagulation, anti-tumor, anti-thrombosis, anti-virus, anti-oxidation and enhance the body’s immune function, and so on, and is widely used in the medical field and modern food industry.

Fucoidin is a kind of water-soluble polysaccharide with very complex structure. On the one hand, diatomaceous polysaccharide from different species of brown algae has different chemical composition. Besides fucose and sulfate, it also contains other monosaccharides (mannose, galactose, glucose, etc.) and uronic acid, and some of them also have acetyl groups and proteins.On the other hand, the structure of different kinds of brown algae of fucoidin were different, and by different extracting method of fucoidin may also have different structure, Ponce, such as fucoidin from extraction to the at room temperature, mainly composed of fucose, galactose and sulfuric acid ester, and extraction of fucoidin under 70 ℃ is mainly composed of fucose and other simple sugars (most of mannose, a small number of glucose, xylose and rhamnose and galactose), and a lot of uronic acid and sulfuric acid ester composition of a few.


  1. Numerous studies have shown that fucoidin have an anti-ulcer effect and can prevent the adhesion of helicobacter pylori to the gastric mucosa and reduce the formation of its biofilm.
  2. Fucoidin has remarkable antioxidant activity. It is a kind of natural antioxidant and can effectively prevent free radical diseases.
  3. Fucoidin may protect against HSV infection by directly inhibiting virus replication and enhancing innate and acquired immune defense function.
  4. Fucoidin has a variety of immune activities, including anti-complement activity, anti-inflammation and immune regulation.

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