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What is Yeast extract enzyme?


What is Yeast Extract Enzyme?

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Yeast extract enzyme is a kind of special compound protein hydrolase enzyme, mainly composed by lywallzyme, endoproteinase, and flavor enzyme. In a certain temperature and pH value Using the enzyme to process beer yeast and bread yeast through the hydrolysis of protein substances in yeast cells can produce a large number of I+G, IMP, G-CMP and yeast mixture with amino acids. It is widely used in soups, sauces, dressings, snack food and yeast extract of meat products. Yeast extract special enzyme is different with past traditional autolysis method. It avoids the shortcomings of bacterial contamination, long production time, low yield, low amino nitrogen, poor flavor, high salinity and nutrient loss, serious corrosion and unsafety.

Features of Yeast extract enzyme

-The enzyme has the characteristics of fast enzymolysis speed, high decomposition rate, high content of hydrolysate amino acid, low bitter taste, strong taste and easy to use.

-High protein utilization rate and flavor taste.

-Yeast RNA hydrolysis.

Application of Yeast extract enzyme

-For the production of yeast extract.

-For the production of yeast culture.

-For yeast cell wall repture.

-For yeast hydrolyzed protein feed.


Usage of Yeast extract enzyme

Temperature 55-60℃, substrate concentration 12%, PH 5.7-6.5, hydrolysis time 18-24 hours, the amount of enzyme added 0.03-0.06% (according to the total solution weight).


Packing: 1kg Aluminum foils bag, 20kg/box, 25kg/drum.

Storage of Yeast extract enzyme

Under different storage conditions, the activity of protease is different. In 6 months, the activity loss at 4℃ is about 2-10%; the activity loss at normal temperature is about 10-15%. It is suggested that it should be stored at low temperature (10℃) and sealed.


Safe reminding of Yeast extract enzyme


The enzyme is a protein material, for the sensitive person, if suck the enzyme powder or droplet may cause allergy, and may stimulate the skin if last for long time, the eye and the mucous membrane tissue, may wear the mask to protect yourself.


Matters needing attention: 

The enzyme is a biological activity material, may easily be suppressived destructived by oxidant and heavy metal (Fe3+, Cu2+.Hg+, Pb+ etc.) should avoid with its contacting. This product should storage in cool and dry place, prevents deterioration from damp. Enzyme activity survival rate is 90% in 6 months.

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