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What is Blushwood Berry extract EBC-46?


The berries of the Blushwood tree, also known as Hylandia dockrilli, contain a molecule which fight cancer cells at extravagant speed. The plant grows in Queensland (northern Australia) in the small area of ​​moist forests. The scientists are enthusiastic that this will lead to a triumph against cancer.

A group of Australian researchers studied the properties of blushwood berry extract for years. They extracted a substance called “EBC-46” and injected it into animals. Clinical trials on several hundred of animals have shown that it combats cancer in a very efficient and, above all, very rapid manner without causing damaging side effects as it is the case of chemotherapy. Indeed, superficial tumors have disappeared permanently in 70% of the cases treated.
 Dr. Glen Boyle from QIMR — Berghofer Medical Research Institute in Queensland, said:
 “We were able to achieve very good results following the injection of EBC-46 directly into the melanoma models, as well as head, neck and colon cancers. In most cases, single injection treatment has caused the loss of cancer cell viability within four hours, and ultimately destroys the tumors. “

He continues to say: “This plant is extremely effective and its effects are visible within 5 minutes. The entire tumor disappears within 15 days, and it simply falls off the skin.”

The properties of blushwood berries were examined by scientists for eight years and the results were amazing. The application of the berry extract into the tumors led to more than ¾ of healing. More importantly, visible tumors never occurred again. One of the ingredients that these berries contain has the ability to kill cancer cells and stimulate the immune system to destroy the remains of the tumor. In addition, this remedy has no side effects.
 As mentioned at the very beginning, EBC 46 works very quickly and the therapeutic effects are visible in only 5 minutes. The entire tumor falls within 15 days. The only problem is the fact blushwood trees can be found only in northern Australia and it is very difficult to develop in other areas.
 As for now, the extract is available for sale in limited supply by a very few suppliers. Cancer patients can take advantage to buy before it is vanished or forbidden to sale in the United States by the Big Parma. Save your life or someone you know from cancer by buying the blushwood berry extract now.

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