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Natural Herbal Sutherlandia Frutescens Extract



Sutherlandia frutescens is a South African plant that is considered to be an effective medicine for a number of different health issues. As the basis for an adaptive tonic that is considered to be ideal for use in many different types of physical and emotional ailments, there are some experts who believe the medicinal plant deserves more detailed study than it has received thus far.

Sutherlandia is better known in South Africa under the traditional Tswana name of Phetola. The designation of phetola actually calls to attention to the nature of how sutherlandia is understood to work. Literally, phetola means to change, and sutherlandia is thought to initiate and power a gradual change that helps the body overcome any factor that prevents optimum function. A North Sotho name for sutherlandia also yields some insight into the function of the medicinal plant. Literally translated as “the spear for the blood,” lerumo-lamadi brings to mind a tonic that energizes the blood and restores a sense of well being and the ability to deal with any health problem.

Functions Of High Quality Natural Herbal Sutherlandia Frutescens Extract 20:1

There are a number of historic and contemporary uses for sutherlandia. Many of them have to do with emotional well being. The plant is thought to be an effective treatment for treating stress, helping people to relax. Depression and the resulting anxiety attacks that often come with the condition are understood to be problems that can be helped by drinking a tea or tincture created with the use of sutherlandia. Emotional fatigue is also sometimes treated with the administration of the plant as well, helping to produce a sense of well being and refreshment.

When it comes to physical ailments, sutherlandia is thought to be an excellent source of elements that help to strengthen the immune system. Some people who have dealt with cancer and tuberculosis claim that sutherlandia helped them to recover from their conditions. The plant is also often used in treating influenza and some forms of bronchitis, as well as helping to stimulate the appetite in persons who have lost interest in eating during a protracted illness. Currently, there is some investigation into the effectiveness of sutherlandia as a means of managing HIV/AIDS and the symptoms associated with the breakdown of the immune system.


Products Name :Sutherlandia Frutescens Extract
Appearance:Yellow Brown Powder
Test mothed:HPLC

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