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What is Sodium cocoyl glutamate ?

Sodium cocoyl glutamate is a kind of amino acid surfactant, which condensed by natural sourced fatty acids and glutamate, with good  biological degradability, also it has excellent foaming ability under weak acidic conditions. Compatible with Yin, Yang, nonionic and other amphitricha surface active agent, with gentle cleansing and moisturizing effect.

  • Product name:Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate
  • English name: Sodium N-Coco acy-L-Glutamate
  • Category: anionic surfactants – carboxylate – amino acid salt
  • CAS No.:29923-31-7
  • Molecular formula: C17H30NNaO5
  • Molecular Weight: 351.41
  • Appearance: white powder or liquid

What does it do?

Sodium cocoyl glutamate is used as a surfactant, or foaming agent. It may also serve as an emulsifier, helping oil based and water based ingredients to stay mixed. In our Botanical Line of toothpastes sodium cocoyl glutamate in combination with lauryl glucoside is used to properly disperse the ingredients, and ensure easy rinsing and removal of debris (ie. food particles).


Test ItemsSpecificationsResults of Analysis
AppearanceWhite to off-white powder or crystalline powderComplies
          Assay %≥95%97.99%
          Water %≤5%4.61%
          Nacl %≤1%0.10%
pH value5.0-7.05.13
Acid Value120~160mgKOH/g147.63mgKOH/g
Heavy Metal≤10ppmComplies
Mechanical ImpurityNoneNone


  1. Produced by materials with high security, which is very soft to skin and will not cause allergies and sunshine toxicity, it can not only reduce the volume of alcohol ether sulfate as(SELS) adsorbed on the shin, but also increase the skin moisturizing properties.
  2. It is with appropriate foam and good cleaning capability, has excellent adaptability to hard water;
  3. It can be decomposed by biology rapidly.
  4. It contains fatty acid, so it can make the solution, micelles to a desired viscosity. It is applicable to various kinds of merchandises in solid, liquid, paste, powder and other forms; also it can be used for all types of cream system, as an auxiliary emulsifying effect, used to increase product moisture and patch.
  5. It can effectively repair damaged hair and have antiseptic and antistatic effect in an acidic environment; it shows excellent effect on hair combing.


It is applicable to products in transparent system or(pearl) cleansing cream, shampoo, bath lotion, soap, detergent, toothpaste, shaving cream and industrial products.

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