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Gromwell Root application and research


Gromwell Root application and research

Alkanet Root , also known as Batschia canescens, Hoary puccoon, Lithospermum canescens & Dyer’s Bugloss is cultivated in Central and Southern Europe for its dye, which is readily extracted by oils and spirit of wine. It is used in the pharmaceutical industry to give a red colour to salves and in staining wood in imitation of rosewood, or mahogany. This is done by rubbing it with oil in which the Alkanet root has been soaked.

Alkanet Root is now primarily used as a natural dying agent, and it imparts a ruby red color to natural fibres, wool, wood, stone, lip balm, lipstick, ointments, salve, soap, lotion, and to tint oils, vinegar, tinctures, varnishes, or wine. In the past, Alkanet Root was used to improve the appearance of low quality wines and ports, and to give an aged appearance to wine corks. In soap, Alkanet will yield shades of pink, blue, and purple, depending upon the amount used, types of oil used, and the alkalinity of the soap.

Gromwell root extract market is segmented on the basis of the application which includes; Pharmaceutical, and Personal care and cosmetics. In pharmaceutical application, Gromwell root extract has many medicinal properties so it is used in the preparation of several medicines, Gromwell root extract is majorly used in the preparation of different cosmetic products like the face mask, balm, soaps, and facial cream etc.

Gromwell root extract market is segmented on the basis of form, those are the powder form (raw extract), paste form (creams), solid form (soaps), and liquid (tincture).Gromwell root extract market is segmented on the basis of the type which includes; Natural and Organic.


Detoxification effect.Sore and burn. 
Antibacterial, antiviral activity. 
Anti-inflammatory effect. 
Contraceptive effect.Antipyretic effect. 
Stop bleeding, promote coagulation. 
Gastrointestinal smooth muscle. 
Hypoglycemic effect. 
Anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy effect. 
Treatment of Psoriasis.

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