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Emulsified wax-Cosmetics Material


Today, we find out more about Emulsifier wax, the main Emulsifier for skin care products, and what it means for oil and water to stay together .

Emulsified wax is a kind of wax containing wax and water which is uniformly dispersed in water by means of directional adsorption of emulsifier and under the action of external mechanical forces.Paraffin is a long chain of hydrocarbons with a straight chain structure, the molecules do not contain hydrophilic groups, highly oily.Paraffin emulsification is to make it dispersed in water, with the help of directional adsorption of emulsifier, change its surface tension, and under the action of external mechanical forces to become a high dispersion, uniform, stable emulsion.The production of paraffin emulsion is a mature technology, which can be used in papermaking, leather, wood, agriculture, explosives, medicine, ceramics, cosmetics and automobile protection industries and fields.

Emulsified wax is a water emulsion made from natural wax and synthetic wax.Acid resistance, alkali resistance, hard water resistance, strong water solubility, stable emulsion, any proportion of water dilution without stratification, no demulsification, no agglomeration, long shelf life, high solid content, good dispersion.
Emulsifier wax, which allows water and oil to happily and steadily mix together, our hand-made skincare products emphasize the purity of raw materials, high-quality base oils and water, while small emulsifiers (Emulsifier wax is the main Emulsifier for hot work) are the key to form emulsions .

Oil-in-water emulsion, oil in water inside the latex wrapped up to the person with relaxed, the simple sense of water embellish absorbed by skin, skin oil nearly impossible to find the existence of hot-work, this lotion must get a water-in-oil emulsion, using emulsified wax water inside the oil wrapped up this lotion is non-greasy formula is based on your water oil ratio and decide after complete absorption by skin, less greasy feel or disappear in hand, the lotion/cream is made from completely natural beeswax or vegetable wax emulsifying agent with borax do

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