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What is Zostera marina ?


Zostera marina is commonly called zostera maggiore and is a vegetable
perennial marine of medium size. Plants belonging to this species
they are formed by tufts made up of a few leaves, up to a maximum of 7-10.
Often specimens with longer leaves are found at greater depths.
The leaves terminate rounded or truncated and have a medium length
between 20 and 35 centimeters, with maxima around 70 centimeters,
and an indicative width that varies from 3 to 7 millimeters.
The rhizomes are robust and branched and show numerous thin and whitish roots
at the branching points.

This flowering plant is a rhizomatous herb which produces a long stem with hairlike green leaves that measure up to 1.2 centimeters wide and may reach over a meter long. It is a perennial plant but it may grow as an annual.The rhizome grows horizontally through the substrate, anchoring via clusters of roots at nodes.The plant is monoecious, with an individual bearing both male and female flowers in separate alternating clusters. The fruit is a nutlet with a transparent coat containing the seed. The plant can also undergo vegetative reproduction, sprouting repeatedly from its rhizome and spreading into a meadowlike colony on the seabed known as a genet. One meadow of cloned eelgrass was determined to be 3000 years old, genetically.When undergoing sexual reproduction, the plant produces large quantities of seeds, at times numbering several thousand seeds per square meter of plants.The plant disperses large distances when its stems break away and carry the fertile seeds to new areas, eventually dropping to the seabed. The seagrass is a favorite food of several species of waterfowl, which may also distribute the seeds.


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