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What is Soybean Peptides Powder?

Soybean Peptides Powder is made from non-GMO isolated soy protein. It is a super amino acid that is used as a nutrient balancing supplement. Soybean Peptides Powder is a white granule powder that is similar to sugar. This product can be used in beverage and dairy products. Soybeans, an excellent source of dietary peptides, have beneficial effects on health. We investigated the effect of the soybean peptide on immune function, brain function, and neurochemistry in healthy volunteers.


Benefit of Soybean Peptides Powder

Soy Peptide Lunasin Has Anti-Cancer, Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Effects of soy peptide supplementation on blood pressure and oxidative stress


1. Made from selected and certified high quality non-GMO soy isolate protein by Enzymatic hydrolysis technology;
2. It’s two or more amino acids linked by peptide bonds;
3. Proteins are composed of long chains of amino acids, while peptides are known as intermediate products of protein digestion. 
4. Peptides are more effective than amino acids as a nitrogen source in the elemental diet.
1. Exclusive Enzymatic hydrolysis technology;
2. Bitterness and odor reduced;
3. High content of small molecules peptide;
4. Guarantee of the stability of the activity peptides;
5. Automatic equipment ensure the consistent quality;
6. Containing minimum 90% of protein and minimum 85% of active small molecule peptides, ≤2000Dalton molecular weight of peptides is min. 90%, and min. 80% ≤1000Dalton, min. 50% ≤500Dalton,which can be absorbed quickly.
Anti-fatigue; Enhance immunity; Enhance muscle power; 
Promote energy metabolism & lose weight; 
Hypoglycemic effect; Hypolipidemic effect; Hypotensive effect; 
Balanced amino acid composition, easy digestion & absorption.
Appearance White to yellow powder
Taste and odour Specific taste and odor, no rare smell
Through the aperture of 0.25mm screen 100%
Loss on drying 7.0% max.
Protein content (dry basis) 90% min.
Content of soy peptides (dry basis) 80% min.
Relative molecular weight of 80% peptides 2000DA max.
Crude fat (dry basis) 1.0% max.
Ash (dry basis) 6.5% max.
Urease activity negative
Total count 10000 CFU/g max.
E. Coli 0.9 MPN/g max.
Yeasts 25 CFU/g max.
Moulds 25 CFU/g max.
Salmonella not detectable
Arsenic 1.0 ppm max.
Lead 2.0 ppm max.
Standard packaging: 10 kg double polythene + paper bag
Shelf life: 18 months
Store at room temperature, in a dry place, and in its unopened original packing.
Once opened, use contents quickly.




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