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Rehmannia Extract Benefits for Kidney



Rehmannia Glutinosa is very popular in Chinese medicine, where it is considered to be a longevity tonic. The species name “glutinosa” comes from “glutinous”, referring to the sticky nature of the root.Rehmannia root is known blood and yin tonic in traditional Chinese medicine. It is rich in Amino acids and Vit A, B, C. It has a wide array of health benefits from improving blood circulation to helping restore broken bones.

The main component of radix rehmanniae

Catalpol, Rehman-nin, Mannitol, A variety of sugars and amino acids, Vitamin A and so on.

Health Benefits of Rehmannia Extract

Rehmannia is said to be the “Kidney’s Own Food.” It is thus believed to be a Kidney tonic and longevity herb and is found in many common “anti aging” formulations for longevity, and rejuvenation.Rehmannia is one of the most important Chinese herbs for supporting the kidneys and adrenal glands, and is even thought to support the pituitary gland. Rehmannia also appears to combat adrenal suppression caused by steroid hormones and has a similar tonic effect on the adrenal cortex as licorice.Thought to be powerfully immuno-supportive, Rehmannia is also used to help promote a healthy inflammation response, along with herbs such as bupleurum. It is also known to support libido, joint health, respiratory health, and healthful aging.

Rehmannia root is not suitable for pregnant or breast feeding women. This herb may cause loose bowel movements in some people and may cause bloating. In some rare instances nausea and abdominal pain may be experienced when using this herb.

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