3. Cosmetic Ingredient

» 3. Cosmetic Ingredient

Potassium 4-Methoxysalicylate

CAS No. 152312-71-5
Appearance: white or almost white powder
Assay: 98%
Model No. :LGB-4MSK
Color :White Fine Powder
Original Region :China
Lead Time :7days

3. Cosmetic Ingredient ,
  • Specifications

Product Name: 4- methoxy salicylate
Chinese alias: potassium methoxy salicylate, 4- methoxy salicylic acid, 4- methoxy salicylic acid potassium salt. Potassium Methoxysalicylate,4-MSK, Potassium 4-methoxysalicylate,
Potassium 2-hydroxy-4-methoxybenzoate
CAS: 152312-71-5
Molecular formula: C8H7KO4
Molecular weight: 206.24
Structural formula:4- methoxy potassium salicylate 152312-71-5
Appearance: 4-MSK is a kind of white crystal or powder, tasteless, soluble in water.
4-MSK can balance skin color, ease and reduce excessive pigment deposition, correct epidermis atypical hyperplasia, improve the process of keratinization, promote the excretion of melanin, prevent freckles, stains and smooth skin.

4- MSK has good water solubility and can be used in combination with various surfactants and functional ingredients in the formulation. It has a good synergistic effect with other cosmetic systems. When combined, it can enhance the whitening effect and promote skin smoothness. With other powerful tyrosinase inhibitors, it can better reflect its superior whitening effect. 3% of the concentration will be effective after 15 days of continuous use.4- MSK also improves the self healing of the skin. When the skin is irradiated to ultraviolet light again, the melanin cells will be activated. And adding 4MSK whitening products, can let the skin of the skin of the outer skin of the horny health, the smooth discharge of melanin, and the various types of whitening products with each other to use, can improve the whitening effect of the original whitening goods. 

Formula Information

Water soluble in room tempeature
Excellent safety,no itching,no erythema and stimulation and no pox
4. Suitable for personal skincare products


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