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  • Lemongrass Powder

    Lemongrass Powder It is used in herbal teas and other nonalcoholic beverages in baked goods and in confections.
    Spec/Specs:Lemongrass Powder

    4. Superfoods
    • Specifications

    Lemongrass Powder / Lemongrass Herbal Tea

    Botanical Name : CymbopogonCitratus
    Common Name : Lemongrass, Ginger Grass
    Part Used : Leaves
    Habitat : Culivated in north india.
    Product offered : Lemongrass Leaves, Lemongrass Oil

    Uses /Benefit: As a medicinal plant, lemongrass has been considered a carminative and insect repellent. It is used in herbal teas and other nonalcoholic beverages in baked goods, and in confections. Can be used instead of the classic lemongrass (Thai) in culinary dishes. Lemongrass tea is your detox tea. It is packed with antioxidants that help in detoxingand cleansing you from within. It helps in removal of toxins from the body by relieving fluid retention. Lemongrass is nature’s formula for taming high blood pressure. It is rich in potassium which increases the production of urine in our body, which in turn stimulates blood circulation and lowers blood pressure. Lemongrass tea is a great option for your weight loss diet plan as it helps in boosting your metabolism which makes digestion quicker and helps in burning more calories.
    Lemongrass powder has a pungent, aromatic quality which is used to enhance the taste and smell of food in the Caribbean, Europe, and especially in the West Asian countries .It is used domestically and commercially in baking and flavoring pickle. Its delicate flavor goes well with many cuisines where it is used in meat, fish, poultry, soup, stir-fries, marinades, and curry preparation. Lemongrass tea is refreshing beverage

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