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  • Coconut Powder/Coconut milk Powder/Coconut Juice Powder

    Coconut powder is refined by the coconut milk and water extracted out of the clean and fresh coconut with advanced freeze dried technology.
    Spec/Specs:Coconut Extract/Coconut Powder/Coconut Juice Powder

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    • Specifications

    Product Name:Coconut Powder/Coconut milk Powder/Coconut Juice Powder
    Latin Name:Cocos nucifera L.
    Active Ingredient:Caproic acid, almitic acid
    Part Used:Fruit
    Appearance:Off-white fine powder

    What is Coconut Powder produced ?
    Natural coconut pulp raw powder is refined by the coconut juice extracted out of the clean and fresh coconut pulp with advanced spray drying technology.
    The coconut pulp raw powder Contains rich trace elements such as eighteen amino acids,calcium, zinc, manganese, iron, vitamin C, etc. is by far the natural drink with the highest content of amino acid.
    Eating it regularly can balance human nutritional needs, improve human nutrition intake, and enhance human immunity.

    Product Features
    Maintains the nutritious ingredients of fresh coconut, and high purity. No preservatives, colorings or flavor. Fat content reaches up to 60-70%; protein content is ≥8%.

    Scope of Application
    As raw powder to be used in instant solid drinks, sauces, fillings, ice cream, biscuits, cakes, milk powder, infant fortified foods, candy, pudding, cooking, etc. Or dissolve 10g coconut pulp raw powder into 250ml boiled water.

    What will Coconut Powder be used for?
    1.can replenishing spleen, taeniafuge.
    2.for lack of stomach yin, throat, thirst, or heat, thirst;
    3.edema, dysuria.
    4. modern and with the treatment of congestive heart failure, edema
    5 .fruit juices tonic, fluid, diuretic, insecticide, for heart disease edema, dry mouth, thirst, Fasciolopsis;
    6 .Nutshell expelling wind, dampness, itching, topical cure ringworm, athlete’s foot.
    7. fill the stomach, killing eliminate rickets,
    8. people looking moist; may cardiac, diuretic and anthelmintic, tonic refreshing, diarrhea.
    9. with coconut shampoo, make hair black and moist.

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