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Knowledge Of Ecdysterone


What is Ecdysterone ? 


English Name: Ecdysterone
Other Name: Hydroxyecdysone;the-7;LEVETON;Ecdysten;BETAYSONE;B-ECDYSONE;ecdysteron;Edysterone;ECDYSTERONE;Polypodin A;BETA-ECDYSON
CBNumber: CB1692996
Molecular formula: C27H44O7.
Molecular weight: 480.63.
MOL File: 5289-74-7.mol
Specification:Ecdysterone 85%,90%,95%by UV;
Beta-Ecdysone(20-Hydroxy-ecdysone) 50%~98% by HPLC
Product Type: White Powder
Part of the Plant Used: Herb
Extract Method: Alcohol
Plant source: Cyanotis Arachnoidea, can also be synthesized.

white crystalline powder is more than 90% of this product, and 50~70% is light yellow powder, odorless, has certain hygroscopic properties, and gradually becomes darker after light. This product is soluble in ethanol, soluble in acetone, and soluble in chloroform and hot water. It is almost insoluble in ethyl ether.

Ecdysterone is a hormone secreted by the anterior thymus to regulate the animal skin of arthropod insects, crustaceans and other animals. Cholesterol is the backbone of the synthesis. But the insects themselves do not synthesize cholesterol, but are derived directly or indirectly from plants. Most of them are reprocessed with a grain of sterol.

Appearance,Property and Flavor: light yellow crystalline powder,no odor,
hygroscopicity,gradually become darker after meeting with light.
Water Content: 5%max
Range of value: 20-Hydroxyecdysone: HPLC50% HPLC60% HPLC80% HPLC95%、UV90%、UV95%
Effects and Indications: for silkworm,shorten silkworm age,promoting spinning and forming cocoons,for human body,promoting protein synthesis,eliminating cholesterol,regulating blood glucose and lipid,anti-arrhythmia,anti-fatigue,treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.
Standard: Enterprise Standard

Main Function

1.Promote the amino acid to produce protein and stimulate the grow of muscle.
2.Improve the liver function to accommodate the stress due to the change of environment..
3.Keep Shrimp or silkworm growing at the same level to avoid fighting. Used at the field of Sericulture; Cultivate of shrimp, shellfish.
4.Promote the metabolism of carbohydrate and lipid.
5.Enhance the immune regulation.

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