Imaherb Nutrient Supplements Food Additive Sweeteners Isomaltulose Powder

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Product Name: Isomaltulose
Appearance: A crystalline uniform particle or powder
Purity: 98%min
CAS NO.: 343336-76-5
EINECS: 237-282-1
Type: Food grade sweetener
Certificate: KOSHER,HALAL,ISO9001,ISO14001
Package: packed in the 25kg net kraft paper bags
Shelf Life: 2 years
Storage: Stored in Shielded from light, dry and cool place

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IMAHERB Nutrient Supplements Food Additive Sweeteners Isomaltulose Powder

Product Name IMAHERB Nutrient Supplements Food Additive Sweeteners Isomaltulose Powder
Appearance: A crystalline uniform particle or powder
CAS# 13718-94-0
Other Nmae: Palatinitol, Isomaltitol
Extract Part Herb
Shipping Details DHL /FEDEX/EMS/by sea or by air
Application Sweeteners
Samples We can send you free samples 10G-20g for you test.
Delivery Detail Immediately
Contact [email protected]/[email protected]/+8618700474175
The OEM service imaherb can supply the oem bag and oem bottle.

Isomaltulose, a natural and new functional oligosaccharide, which is distilled from sugarcane and honey.
It is white crystal powder, odorless with good sweet taste.

Palatinose is a kind of natural sugar found in sugarcane, honey and other products, it does not cause tooth decay. It is currently the only healthy sugar certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and has no limit on the amount of added and consumed!

After a lot of research and development around the world, it is widely used in a variety of food and sweeteners. Subsequently,more functions and applications of palatinose are developed. For example, it is recently found that it has special functions for the human brain; it is also a special sweetener with unique digestion and absorption. It is very suitable for candy, beverage and various foods.

Palatinose is a kind of low sweet sweetener with very good taste. It can be used in sweets, low sweet drinks and food. It can be used alone or with sucrose. It also has a very good odor masking effect. For example: DHA fish oil smell, vegetable juice smell and bean milk smell have good effect.


Function of Isomaltulose Powder

Isomaltulose is white crystallize, no smelly, taste sweeter, sweetness is the same with 42% of suger, purity sweet, the same with the suger, no bad smell. Melting point is 122-124°C.Optical activtity (α)20D97.2°.Acidproof,heat-resisting. Difficult in wart. Heat steadbility is more lower than suger.

ISOMALTULOSE, as a new functional sugar substitute containing the same energy as sucrose, can be totally absorbed by human digestive system, slowly and stably releasing energy within 5-6 hours after intake (he energy released by sucrose reach the peak 30 minutes after intake). Which means ISOMALTULOSE is able to provide prolonged energy for Made from sucrose ISOMALTULOSE has been widely used to manufacture various of sports or energy products due to its great security and function.

Isomaltulose has already been used as a sucrose substitute in a number of beverage products. Exchanging sucrose with Isomaltulose means that the products will keep our glycemic index and blood sugar level low which is healthier. As a result, Isomaltulose has been known to be used in health drinks, energy drinks, and artificial sugars for diabetic patient.

Because the natural substance itself is easy to disperse and do not coagulate, Isomaltulose also has been used in powdered drinks product such as powdered formula milk for children.

After a series of researches, Isomaltulose has been declared safe for use in various foods and drink products. This substance also believed to be significantly beneficial in helping children brain & body development process.The benefit of Isomaltulose used in consumable products among others is the fact that it will not promote teeth decay and the ability to give a constant energy source that a child needs.

Application of Isomaltulose Powder

1) Isomaltulose is suitable for athletes and students.
2) Isomaltulose can be used in beverage, candy, cake and vintage industry.
3) Isomaltulose is a slowly released carbohydrate that therefore provides a more sustained energy supply from food and drinks.
4) Isomaltulose is particularly suitable as a non-cariogenic sucrose replacement and is favorable in products for diabetics and prediabetic dispositions.


Imaherb Nutrient Supplements Food Additive Sweeteners Isomaltulose Powder

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Imaherb Nutrient Supplements Food Additive Sweeteners Isomaltulose Powder

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Imaherb Nutrient Supplements Food Additive Sweeteners Isomaltulose Powder

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