Imaherb Full Cooling Agent Series WS-3 WS-5 WS-10 WS-12 WS-23

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Product Name:Cooling Agent WS-5 WS 5
CAS No.:68489-14-5
Molecule formula: C15H27NO3
Molecular Weight:269.38
Properties:white crystalline powder
Test method: HPLC

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IMAHERB Full Cooling Agent Series WS-3 WS-5 WS-10 WS-12 WS-23

Product Name IMAHERB Full Cooling Agent Series WS-3 WS-5 WS-10 WS-12 WS-23
Appearance: White crystalline powder
MF C15H27NO3
Ingredients HPLC
CAS 68489-14-5
Shipping Details DHL /FEDEX/EMS/by sea or by air
Application Sweetener
Samples We can send you free samples 10G-20g for you test.
Delivery Detail Immediately
Contact [email protected]/[email protected]/+8618700474175
The OEM service imaherb can supply the oem bag and oem bottle.

Differences of the WS series cooling agent 

 The difference of cooling agent

Product Name/Items



  With mint aroma, it can burst in the month, strong impact on the month.


  It occurs slowly coolifeeling in the month, at the back of mouth and tongue.


  With Peppermint aroma, in the aral cavity explosive force is weak, enters the throat place to highlight the cooling feeling, the advantage is the duration is longer.


  It has Peppermint aroma and highest cool flavor activity, acting on the entire oral mucosa, throat and nose.

The Duration

  WS-23 about 10-15 min     WS-3 about 20 min

  WS-12 about  25-30 min    WS-5 about 20-25 min

The cooling effect





Factory supply Top quality Cooling Agent WS-5 for food and beverage

Function of  Cooling Agent Powder

1. Continuous and long lasting cooling and refreshing effect, no hot , harsh and stinging sensation of Menthol and/or Peppermint.

2. Heat– Resistance is good below 200 °C don‘t reduce the cooling impact, suitable use in bakery and other high temperature processes.

3. Cooling intensity remains in general for 15-30 minutes.

4. Low dosage 30-100 mg/kg has good cooling properties.

5. Compatible with oter flavors and also with other cooling agents.

Application of  Cooling Agent Powder

Mainly used in, oral care, chocolate, dairy products, jelly, jam, candy, bread, starch food, beverages, beer and alcoholic beverages, chewing gum, lozenges, throat lozenges, mouthwash, toothpaste, tobacco, shaving cream, Soap, wet wipes, etc. It can be formulated with different flavors of cool products to suit new market concepts, providing food, daily, and company choices for new varieties.

Food Grad Pure Cooling Agent WS-23 Electronic cigarette cosmetic sensory agent

Infinite Sensations

We are committed to the creation of new products and the discovery of new applications for  existing products.

coolants have been around for decades, the most well-known being menthol. The line offers unique odorless and flavorless cooling sensations which can be used alone or as a complement to menthol to help extend the cool fresh feeling in the final application, or in fruit flavors to enhance juiciness perception. The low volatility of these compounds allows for skin contact without a burning sensation in the eyes. In order to satisfy today’s customers who demand specific sensory experiences, the need exists for physiological coolants to provide intense and memorable sensations.

Exceptional Performance

Fragrance and Sensory Ingredients Business Unit has been a major supplier of the cooling compounds including WS-3, WS-5, WS-12, WS-23 and Menthyl Lactate. These products allow our customers to use coolants in a broader array of market segments and applications. 

Our sensory research demonstrates individual coolants are perceived in specific areas of the mouth with different cooling profiles. Each coolant provides unique characteristics in terms of cooling intensity and longevity, combined with negligible odor and low volatility.

Our materials have achieved the requirements  of the Food Safety System Certification 22000.


Food Grad Pure Cooling Agent WS-23 Electronic cigarette cosmetic sensory agent

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cooling agent powder

Insen Supply High Purity Thaumatin Sweetener

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Imaherb Full Cooling Agent Series WS-3 WS-5 WS-10 WS-12 WS-23

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