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anti-anxiété naturelle、produits de sommeil efficaces




Anxiété, aussi connu comme la névrose d'angoisse, est le type de névrose la plus fréquente, caractérisé par une expérience d'anxiété. Peut être divisé en anxiété chronique, C'est, l'anxiété généralisée et l'anxiété aiguë, C'est, attaque de panique deux formes. Les principales manifestations sont: vous inquiétez pas nerveux sans objets clairs et objectifs, agitation, et les symptômes de dysautonomie, tels que palpitations, hand shaking, transpiration, urination fréquente, etc., and sports anxiety. Attention to distinguish between normal anxiety, such as the severity of anxiety is not consistent with objective facts or situations, or the duration is too long, it may be pathological anxiety.


en outre, idébénone peut également inhiber la production de peroxydes lipidiques. Dans les modèles animaux, idébénone a un effet positif sur la production d'énergie mitochondriale.


acanthopanax senticosus extract extract 0.8%
spina date seed extract 2%
griffonia extract 5HTP 99%
Valerian extract
cordyceps sinensis extrac

Synthetic raw materials:

mélatonine 99%
Tofisopam powder 98%
Luteolin powder 98%



  1. Leisurely, learn to relax physically and mentally
    Breathing exercises, body scanning exercises and progressive muscle relaxation exercises are effective in relieving the physical and mental symptoms of anxiety disorders. Those in need can ask the health care staff for details. For specific practice methods, please refer to the demonstration section on the Student Health Service webpage.
  1. Accept anxiety, use reason and action
    Accept anxiety, maintain a positive attitude, and affirm the ability and strength of the self. In the face of problems, we must remain objective and avoid catastrophic situations. When necessary, talk to and discuss with trusted people, and make good use of community resources to actively seek solutions.
  1. Healthy life, happy life
    Slow down the pace of life (slow work)
    Many people with anxiety disorders are often overwhelmed by long-term mental stress because they are too demanding, and they have to make the following changes:
    Properly arrange work, reserve rest time between each work
    Focus on daily work and dining, learn to live in the moment
    Take care of your needs, set aside time to care for family and friends, listen more, appreciate and criticize
    Healthy lifestyle
    Balanced diet, adequate sleep, help to prevent and prevent anxiety
    Constant exercise, you can also exercise with others to increase fun and continuity
    Don’t deal with anxiety with alcohol, drogues, smoking, and excessive caffeine.
    Participate in health and leisure activities and expand your social network
    Health and leisure activities can increase the mood of pleasure, cultivate new hobbies or regain the past interests, such as painting, calligraphy, calligraphy, etc..
    Participate in the activities of the Senior Citizens Center, volunteer organizations or interest classes, meet like-minded friends, and enrich the social life to counter the impact of stress

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