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Polydextrose ist ein wasserlöslicher Ballaststoff-Alias. Weiße oder cremefarbene Feststoffe, in Wasser löslich, Löslichkeit von 70%, 10% wässrige Lösung des PH-Wertes von 2.5-7.0, kein besonderer Geschmack, ist eine Art gesundheitsfördernde Lebensmittelkomponenten, can add the human body needs water-soluble dietary fiber. After entering the human digestive system to produce specific physiological and metabolic functions, thus preventing constipation and fat deposition.


Polydextrose is commonly used as a replacement for sugar, Stärke, and fat. It is also used as an ingredient in low-carb, sugar free, and diabetic cooking recipes. Außerdem, it is also used as a humectant, stabiliser, and thickening agent.

1.  Regulate lipid metabolism, regulate blood lipids, reduce fat accumulation and prevent obesity;

2. Reduce the synthesis and absorption of cholesterol, lower the synthesis and absorption of bile acid and salt, reduce human plasma and liver cholesterol levels, prevent and cure coronary atherosclerosis, gallstones and prevent Cardio cerebral vascular disease;

3.  Reduce sugar absorption, inhibit the increase of blood sugar secretion, slow down the absorption of glucose, thereby reducing the postprandial blood glucose levels, elaborate the role of insulin to prevent diabetes;

4.  Prevent and cure constipation, absorb water in the human intestinal tract and keep moisture,increase stool volume, stimulate the intestinal peristalsis, accelerate the frequency of defecation to have the effect of relax bowel and prevent constipation.

5. effectively regulate intestinal PH, improve the breeding environment of beneficial bacteria, rapidly expand bifidobacterium and other beneficial bacteria, inhibit saprophytic bacteria growth, and prevent intestinal mucosal atrophy, excrete body toxins and metabolic waste timely to have the effect of beauty maintenance and prevent hemorrhoids, gastroenteritis and colon cancer.


1. Heath care productsPolydextrose can be used as the raw and supplementary materials of the healthy food and the carrier of health care products aimed at constipation, diabetics, Fettleibigkeit, etc., such as fibre tablet, Kapsel, liquid tonic taken orally, instant herbal mixture etc. The reference use volume is 30% zu 90%.

2. Essen: Kuchen, Keks, noodles, rice flour, flour, instant noodles, stuffing, Fleisch, etc.. The reference use volume is 5% zu 20%.

3. GetränkFruit juice, Kaffee, tea drinks, Kohlensäure Getränke, bean milk drinks, nutrition drinks, powder drinks, etc.. The reference use volume is 0.5% zu 5%.

4. Milchprodukte: Milk and flavoring milk, fermenting milk, lactobacillus drinks, brewage milk powder, Joghurt, bean milk powder, etc.. The reference use volume is 1% zu 5%.

5. Candies and confectioneryAll kinds of soft and hard candies, Schokolade, Kekse, moon cakes, various western-style kuchens, sheep soup. If added into the stuffing of cakes, it can keep them delicious and fresh. The reference use volume is 5% zu 30%

6. Sweet snacksPudding, Gelee, etc.. The reference use volume is 0.5% zu 5%.

7. Ice snacks: Eis, frozen sucker, ice candy, ice-lolly, Gelee, etc.. The reference use volume is 0.5% zu 6%

8. Wines Liquor, BierYellow wine, fruit wine and medicinal liquor to manufacture health care liquor of high level of fibre. Polydextrose can make the foam of beer lasting and delicate. The reference use volume is 0.5% zu 5%.

9. Seasoning Products: Marmelade, Sojasoße, Essig, seasoning for hot pot, solid essence, etc.. The reference use volume is 0.5% zu 6%.

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