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Heißer Verkaufs-L-Tryptophan,Reines L-Tryptophan


L-Tryptophan, auch als alpha-aminindolepropionic Säure bekannt, Molekularformel :C11H12N2O2, weiß bis gelblich weiße Kristalle oder kristallines powder.Odourless oder leicht muffig, abgetönt durch verlängerte light.And Säure im Dunkel Erwärmung mehr stable.It leicht abgebaut, wenn es mit anderen Aminosäuren koexistierenden, sugars and aldehydes.Used as food fortifier and antioxidant.Also used in medicine and other aspects.From the synthesis of indolealdehyde.It can also be made by digestion and synthesis of trypsin.

L-Tryptophan is white to yellow-white crystals or crystalline powders are odorless or slightly smelly, with slightly bitter melting point of 289. If the indoles are co-heated with water in the presence of sodium hydroxide and copper sulfate for a long period of time, a large amount of indoles tryptophan and acid are produced and heated in the dark, which can be easily decomposed when coexisting with other amino acids, saccharides and aldehydes.
Tryptophan is heterocyclic amino acid, is a kind of essential amino acids in the body can change into serotonin niacin melanin, the pineal gland hormone and yellow uric acid and so on the many kinds of physiological active substances when human body lack of tryptophan, will not only cause of generally low protein, also can produce cataract vitreous degeneration of skin disease and myocardial fibrosis special conditions such as it can enhance the body’s resistance to gamma rays.


For People: the antioxidant tryptophan is an important precursor of the neurotransmitter 5-hydroxytryptamine, and one of the essential amino acids in human body.Used as nutritional supplements for pregnant women and special milk powder for infants;For the treatment of niacin deficiency (pellagra);As a tranquilizer, it can regulate spiritual rhythm and improve sleep.
For Animal: to promote the feeding of animals to weaken the stress response to improve animal sleep, but also can increase the fetal and young antibodies to increase lactation of dairy animals to reduce the amount of high quality dietary protein, save the cost of feed, reduce the amount of dietary protein feed, save formula space.

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