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Eine Tasse Caramel Macchiato, ein Stück Karamelpudding, sind alle köstlich Nachmittag tea.Instead süß des Seins, das Karamell hat einen attraktiven bitter taste.Isn't es Zucker? Warum das?

Caramel ist eine dicke Flüssigkeit oder ein Pulver aus Karamell und Saccharose. Es ist dunkelbraun und hat einen bitteren Geschmack. Es ist vor allem für die Färbung von Sojasauce verwendet, Süßigkeiten, vinegar and beer.Caramel is a kind of natural colorant widely used in food and an important food additive.
Caramel is not to point to some kind of candy especially, however saccharide is below high temperature, es ist 140 Celsius ~170 Celsius commonly, produce the “Süßigkeiten” that chemical reaction forms after happening, popular say, it is candy is burnt below high temperature.This chemical reaction is called caramelization.
Caramelization reaction not only has obvious changes in color, will present brown or golden yellow, but also produces aldehydes, ketones and other special flavor aroma substances, forming a pleasant color and strong burnt flavor, and taste has changed, with a pleasant bitter taste.
So in baking, coffee and other pastry used more.But when it comes to nutrition and calories, there is no essential difference between refined sugars such as white sugar and refined sugars in nature.

Depending on the temperature at which it is heated, the caramel can be changed into a variety of different shapes, resulting in a variety of slivers or caramels that can be used in a variety of desserts.
If the boiling temperature is slightly lower, it is easier to pull out the sugar shreds, which can be used as a pastry decoration.If boiled to nearly 170 degrees Celsius, caramel can be used as part of the ingredients, as a garnish, or to add flavor.

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