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Cosmetics Ingredients/L-Glutathione/Hyaluronic Acid/Kojic Acid/Kojic Acid Dipalmitate/Sepiwhite Msh Powder/Alpha-Arbutin/Beta-Arbutin

Cosmetics Ingredients L-Glutathione Glutathione is a peptide composed of three amino acids present in almost every cell in the body, especially the liver cells. Protect the liver cell membrane and promote the role of the liver enzyme activity, and many toxic chemicals play a role in detoxification combined. A variety of reasons for liver poisoning, alcoholism caused by the injury, …

Cosmetic Raw Materials Arbutin Powder 99%/Alpha Arbutin/Beta Arbutin

Cosmetic Raw Materials Arbutin Powder 99%/Alpha Arbutin/Beta Arbutin Arbutin is commercially used as a skin-whitening agent in cosmetic industry. It works by competitive inhibition of the enzyme, tyrosinase, a key enzyme in the synthesis of melanin. Depending on the spatial structure of the glycosidic linkage between glucose and hydroquinone, arbutin forms two epimers: Alpha Arbutin and Beta arbutin. Arbutin Working …

What is Alpha-arbutin (4-hydroxyphenyl-D-lucopyranoside)?

No matter your skin type or your age, there’s one complexion annoyance that tends not to discriminate: dark spots. Whether the result of a bit too much time spent in the sun or the unwelcome, lingering reminder of breakouts past, hyperpigmentation can be one of the most difficult skin concerns to correct. It takes time. It takes patience. And it takes …

The deference between α-Arbutin and β-Arbutin

Alpha Arbutin Details  Product name:Alpha Arbutin Latin name:Arctostaphylos uva-ursi Appearance:White powder Part of used:Leaf Specification:Arbutin 99% Active ingredient:Arbutin Detection method:HPLC Chinese Name α-Arbutin β-Arbutin INCI Name Alpha-Arbutin Arbutin EU-Labeling Name Alpha-Arbutin Arbutin Chemistry 4-hydroxyphenyl-α-D-glucopyranoside P-hydroxy phenyl – β -D- glucopyranoside CAS No. 84380-01-8 497-76-7 EINECS No. 440-470-8 207-850-3 Melting Point 198-201oC 198-201oC Specific rotation (a)20D=+174.0-+186.0 (a)20D=-66-+2 Alpha Arbutin:Alpha-Arbutin is a …

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