3. Cosmetic Ingredient

» 3. Cosmetic Ingredient

COSMETIC GRADE—Nano zinc oxide

Product Name:Nano zinc oxide
Appearance: White fine powder
Specification: BR-T02H
The MOQ : 1KG

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Keywords: sunscreen cosmetics/nano zinc oxide/long-wave ultraviolet/ physical sunscreen/transparency/ dispersibility

Product Name:Nano zinc oxide
Appearance: White fine powder
Specification: DXN-LH50
The MOQ : 1KG

Nano zinc oxide: The outstanding feature is that the product particles are nano-scale, and have the dual characteristics of nano-materials and traditional zinc oxide. Compared with traditional zinc oxide products, it has large specific surface area and high chemical activity. The product fineness, chemical purity and particle shape can be adjusted as needed, and it has photochemical effect and good UV shielding performance. Its UV shielding rate is as high as 98. %;

At the same time, it also has a series of unique properties such as antibacterial and antibacterial, astringent and anti-enzyme. Nano-ZnO (DS-Zn) products have high activity, shielding infrared, ultraviolet and sterilization functions, and have been widely used in sunscreen cosmetics, functional fibers, self-cleaning antibacterial glass, sanitary ware, sewage treatment and photocatalysis. The product is treated with organic or inorganic coating and has good dispersibility in the use system.
    Lead and cadmium in ordinary zinc oxide may cause discoloration of the product. Zinkoxyd aktiv can be avoided by using Zinkoxyd aktiv, and the lead content of Zinkoxyd aktiv is extremely low, so that black lead oxide which causes discoloration is not formed.


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