2. Mushroom Extract

» 2. Mushroom Extract

  • Pure Wild Dried Black Truffle Mushrooms Powder

    English Name:Black Truffle Mushrooms Powder

    Latin Name:Black Truffle Mushrooms

    Test Method:UV

    Specification:Straight powder

    Appearance:Dark brown powder

    Part Used:Sporocarp


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    • Specifications

    Black Truffle Mushrooms


    English Name Black Truffle Mushrooms Powder
    Latin Name Black Truffle Mushrooms
    Active Ingredients Microelements, vitamins, androsterone, polysaccharide
    Test Method UV
    Specification Straight powder

    Dark brown  powder

    Part Used Sporocarp


    These highly prized tubers are considered the “Black Diamonds” of the kitchen and are the most famous Truffles in the world! What makes Black Truffles so popular? The flavor of the Black Truffle is pervasive in a subtle way and some describe its smell as earthy, musky and pungent, even addictive! Hard to come by, Black Truffles are fungi (tuber) that grow underground in soil ranging from 2 inches up to 10 to 15 inches deep. Truffles form symbiotic relationships with some varieties of deciduous trees, including oak, beech, hazel and poplar, but cannot be found on maples or cedars. Sought out by specially trained dogs (hogs were used most often in the past) with their keen sense of smell, Truffles look like what their Latin term implies, a tuber or “lump”. Thought to be an aphrodisiac by some they are extremely popular in International cuisine. Black Truffle Powder can be used to flavor pate, sauces, egg dishes, butters and oils. Black Truffle Powder is from the China.

    Main Function

    1.Enhance resistance;Atherosclerosis and anti-tumor cytotoxicity are significant
    2.Nourishes & regulates menstruation;
    3.Keep skin supple and glossy;
    4.Reinforces sexual energy;

    5.Recover physical power after sexual intercourse.

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