2. Mushroom Extract

» 2. Mushroom Extract

  • GMP factory supply herb organic baobab powder, baobab fruit powder

    Product Name: Baobab Extract Powder

    Appearance: Brown Yellow Fine Powder

    Specification: 10:1

    Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction

    Part: Fruit

    Sample: 10-20g Free Sample

    2. Mushroom Extract , ,
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    Product Name: Baobab Extract Powder

    Appearance: Brown Yellow Fine Powder

    Specification: 10:1

    Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction

    Part: Fruit

    Sample: 10-20g Free Sample

    Certification: GMP factory steady supply, GMO free

     Introduction of Baobab Extract Powder

    Baobab has a long history of being a reliable and safe traditional herbal medicine in Africa. Perhaps it is one of the most unique plant varieties in Africa, given its exceptional nutritional profile and attributes as well as its innate market appeal.

    The Baobab fruit has a velvety shell and is about the size of a coconut,weighing about 1.44 kilograms (3.2 lb). It has an acidic, tart flavor, described as ‘somewhere between grapefruit, pear, and vanilla’.The baobab’s bark, leaves, fruit, and trunk are all used. The bark of the baobab is used for cloth and rope, the leaves for condiments and medicines, while the fruit, called “monkey bread”, is eaten. Sometimes people live inside of the huge trunks, and bush-babies live in the crown.

     Main Function of Baobab Extract Powder

    1) Baobab extract has moisturized effect also has antioxidant effect and increase the elasticity of the skin effect.

    2) Baobab extract has nourishing the stomach and cholagogue,clearing heat and detumescence,hemostasis and calm the nerves effect,also has the function of inhibition of cancer cells.

    3)Powerful antioxidants and enrich Vitamin C.

     Main Application of Baobab Extract Powder

    1) Applied in cosmetics industry,as beauty products.

    2) Used in food and beverage industry, as natural health food and beverage add ingredients.

    3) Applied in pharmaceutical field as pharmaceutical raw materials.

    IMAHERB BIOTECH are mainly engaged in the production and sales of natural plant extract, natural PIgment, and organic super food which is mainly used in health products, cosmetics, chemicals, food additives and pharmaceuticals.


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