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High Quality Organic natural Sea buckthorn freeze dried powder

What Is Sea Buckthorn?

Seabuckthorn is a precious economic forest tree species with the most natural vitamins in the world. Its vitamin C content is much higher than that of fresh dates and kiwifruit, which is known as a treasure trove of natural vitamins.
Seabuckthorn has a high nutritional value, ecological value and economic value, especially in the construction of the “Three North” shelterbelt.
Seabuckthorn can also treat diseases such as burns, radiation sickness, heart disease, glaucoma, etc., and has unique medicinal value.

1. High in Vitamin C, E and Folic acid
2.High in carotenoids, including beta carotene, lycopene & zeaxanthine
3. High in unsaturated fatty acids (Omega 3, 6 & 9) – helps maintain good Cardiovascular health
4. Used in cosmetics to maintain healthy skin – has high UV ray absorption capabilities

Sea Buckthorn’s Nutritional Profile

 A lot of science today behind sea buckthorn and its incredible nutritional profile is known to be robust and comprehensive for human health care.  In brief:

  • Essential Fatty Acids – Omega 3, 6, 9 and the rare Omega 7
  • Vitamins & Minerals – Almost every one the body needs
  • Antioxidants – Including Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), the most powerful antioxidant
  • Over 190 Phytonutrients – Yeah … your bases are covered

Sea Buckthorn Health Benefits

In folk medicine and traditional use sea buckthorn is often considered a Panacea or cure-all. Need energy?  Eat some sea buckthorn berries. Skin issue?  Rub the sea buckthorn oils on your skin or face. Wound healing? Apply berry or seed oil and let it sit. Aging? Eat your daily miracle berries and watch the process slow. And so on. Sea buckthorn can be the answer to many, many health concerns.

It’s most well known, however, for promoting beauty, especially in the United States. Sea buckthorn has the rare Omega-7, a fatty acid that naturally occurs in the skin, and is the richest plant source known worldwide. Most information on this omega, and anecdotally from real world users, indicates that Omega-7 is fantastic for healthy, vibrant, and glowing hair, skin, and nails. Many personal care products have begun adding sea buckthorn to their formulas for this reason alone and many consumers supplementing with the oils are noticing these beauty effects on their own body.

Sea buckthorn really offers a laundry list of health benefits that are hard to encapsulate in one discussion. The nutritional profile is so robust that almost any issue one can imagine can be supported with sea buckthorn supplementation. For our purposes, we’ve tried to emphasize the most common uses and testimonials seen around.

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