Imaherb Soybean Extract Food Grade Pure Soybean Phosphatidylcholine Paste/Powder

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Product name Phosphatidylcholine Powder
CAS No: 8002-43-5
Appearance: Brown to yellow Paste/Powder
Specifciation PC 20%-98%

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IMAHERB Cosmetic and Food Grade Soybean Phosphatidylcholine Powder

Product Name IMAHERB Soybean Extract Food Grade Pure Soybean Phosphatidylcholine Paste/Powder
Appearance: Yellow to brown Paste/powder
Purity 20%,30%,35%,70%, 90%, 99%
Ingredients Phosphatidylcholine
CAS 8002-43-5
Shipping Details DHL /FEDEX/EMS/by sea or by air
Samples We can send you free samples 10G-20g for you test.
Delivery Detail Immediately
Contact [email protected]/[email protected]/+8618700474175
The OEM service imaherb can supply the oem bag and oem bottle.

Phosphatidylcholine (PC for short) is extracted from soybean powdered lecithin,the product is yellow or brown yellow plastic substances or plastic particles,which is easy to absorb moisture and oxidize,it is also easy for them to disperse in water and form stable emulsion, they are insoluble , but soluble in alcohol, ether, and other organic solvents.


Soybean Extract Food Grade Pure Phosphatidylcholine Powder

Function of  Soybean Phosphatidylcholine Paste/Powder

(1)The blood vessels effect
Take lecithin on blood pressure and high cholesterol are a significant effect, can prevent and treat atherosclerosis.

(2)The Protection of liver
D phospholipids not only to prevent fatty liver, but also promote liver regeneration, while phospholipid can reduce serum cholesterol levels, prevent cirrhosis, and contribute to the recovery of liver function, can improve a variety of alcohol-induced liver disease, prevention cirrhosis.

(3) Diabetes nutrition
If the diabetic patients to eat more than 20 grams of lecithin, the recovery rate of diabetes is quite remarkable, especially for urine gangrene and other complications of atherosclerosis in patients with symptoms of significant improvement.

(4) Resolve the gallstones
Lecithin can decompose excess cholesterol, digestion and absorption of cholesterol in the bile to keep liquid.

(5) Infant necessities
Lecithin can promote the system and the brain volume of brain growth and development. Therefore, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations that must be added in infant formula d phospholipids.

Lecithin is just a natural antidote to too much it can break down the body of toxins, and the handling by the liver and kidney excretion, when the body of toxins reduced to a certain concentration, the face will be slow spots and acne slowly disappear.

(7) Prevent the incidence of dementia
Nervous system acetylcholine is the transmission of information when necessary compounds directly from the phospholipids and choline uptake in the blood, and quickly transformed into acetylcholine. Long-term memory loss supplement lecithin can slow the process. Prevent or delay the occurrence of dementia.

(8) Good mental harmonic agent
The lecithin nutrition should be added in time, maintain a healthy state, which will help to eliminate fatigue, intensify the brain cells, improving the result of nervous tension caused by impatience, irritability and insomnia.

Application of  Soybean Phosphatidylcholine Paste/Powder

1.Application in Cosmetics:

2.Applied in Health care supplement:

3.Applied in Food Supplement:

4. Applied in Beverage.

Soybean SourceCAS 8002-43-5 Phosphatidylcholine Powder


Soybean Extract Food Grade Pure Soybean Phosphatidylcholine Paste/Powder

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Soybean Extract Food Grade Pure Soybean Phosphatidylcholine Paste/Powder

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Imaherb Soybean Extract Food Grade Pure Soybean Phosphatidylcholine Paste/Powder

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