• Gynostemma Extract, Gypenoside, Gynostemma Pentaphyllum Leaf Extract

    Product Name: Gynostemma Extract
    Herb Source: Gynostemma pentaphyllum(Thunb.)Makino
    Part Used: Leaf
    Active Ingredients: Gypenoside
    Appearance: Light yellow powder
    Specifications: 20%-95% 
    Test Method: UV

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    Gynostemma Extract Details

    Product Name: Gynostemma Extract
    Herb Source: Gynostemma pentaphyllum (Thunb.)Makino
    Active Ingredients: Gypenoside
    Appearance: Light yellow powder
    Specifications: 20%-95%
    Test Method: UV
    Gynostemma Extract Source and Raw Material
    Pharmacology: (1) Anti-cancer effect on liver cancer, lung cancer, uterine cancer and melanoma and other cancer cells, can inhibit the proliferation; (2) Anti-aging effects, can enhance the body immune function; (3) Lipid-lowering effect; (4) Prevention and treatment of glucocorticoid side effects.

    What Is Gynostemma Extract ?

    Gynostemma pentaphyllum is an herbaceous vine of the family Cucurbitaceae indigenous to the southern reaches of China, South Korea and Japan. Gynostemma extract is a general name of more than 50 different saponins isolated from Gynostemma. These gypenosides are extremely similar to ginsenosides so it was considered to be fundamentally equivalent to ginsenosides found in Panax Ginseng and American Ginseng. But the gypenosides have broader adaptogenic capabilities. Gynostemma extract is widely reported to be effective in decrease blood lipid and blood glucose, resist aging and cancer. It was also helpful on protecting liver and enhancing body’s immunological function. Gynostemma extract powder can improve the metabolism of the heart directly and enhances the release of nitric oxide of the body, it can help to relax the coronary blood vessels obviously.

    Functions And Benefits Of Gynostemma Extract With Gypenosides

    1. Gynostemma extract powder can Lower blood pressure, blood fat, lowering blood sugar.
    2. Gynostemma extract is used for anti-atherosclerosis, inhibition of thrombosis, the treatment of cardiovascular disease.
    3. Natural gynostemma pentaphyllum extract can be used for sedative-cultivation, aging, improve mental activity, enhance brain function.
    4. Natural gynostemma extract powder has the function of activation of normal human cells, inhibition of fat, spleen and stomach, fatigue solutions, has sedative, hypnotic, anti-stress effect, treatment of migraine headaches.
    5. Gynostemma extract gypenosides powder is used for anti-cancer anti-cancer, inhibiting kill cancer cells. It can enhance the activity of human blood lymphocytes, enhance the body’s immune function.
    6. Natural gynostemma extract eliminate the toxic side effects of hormone drugs.
    7. Gynostemma extract is used for anti-inflammatory. Intestinal, gastric ulcer and swollen ulcer.
    8. Gynostemma extract power has the particularly significant effect of constipation, while some black hair and beauty.

    Applications Of Gynostemma Pentaphylla Extract With Gypenoside

    1. Natural gynostemma extract gypenosides can be used in pharmaceutical field as raw materials.
    2. Gynostemma extract gypenosides can be used as raw material for functional food and food additive.
    3. Gynostemma pentaphyllum extract powder can be used in health care products and supplement field.

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