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cycloastragénol 98%


Qu'est-ce que cycloastragénol?

Cycloastragénol a une structure chimique similaire à celle de la molécule Astragaloside IV, mais il est plus petit et beaucoup plus biodisponible, permettant des doses plus faibles à prendre. Il est déjà utilisé comme immunostimulant en raison de sa capacité à augmenter la prolifération des lymphocytes T. toutefois, it is its exceptional anti-aging properties that are of increasing interest to the scientific community.

Cycloastragenol stimulates the repair of DNA damage by activating telomerase, a nucleoprotein enzyme which catalyses synthesis and growth of telomeric DNA. Telomeres are made of thin filaments and are found at the tips of chromosomes. Maintaining their stability enables cells to avoid replicative senescence and indefinite proliferation beyond the ‘Hayflick limit’. Telomeres shorten with each cycle of cell division, or when subjected to oxidative stress. Until now, this has been an unavoidable mechanism of aging.

Description du produit:

  • Nom du produit: Cycloastragenol Powder
  • spécification: 98%
  • Apparence: Poudre blanche
  • MOQ: 1g

COA of Cycloastragenol 98%

Function of Cycloastragenol:

  1. It has the effect on relieving stresses and protecting the body against various stresses, includingphysical, mental, or emotional stress;
  2. Il a la fonction de renforcer l'immunité, protecting the body from diseases such as cancer
    et le diabète;
  3. It contains antioxidants, which protect cells against damage caused by free radicals;
  4. It is used to protect and support the immune system, antibactérien, and antiinflammatory, pour
    preventing colds and upper respiratory infections;
  5. It has the effect on lowering blood pressure, treating diabetes and protecting the liver.

Application of Cycloastragenol:

  1. substance pharmaceutique
  2. aliments fonctionnels et additifs alimentaires
  3. Livestock products and poultry products.
  4. boissons solubles dans l'eau
  5. In heart cerebrovascular aspect,it can inhibit platelet aggregation, reduce blood viscosity and coagulation, relax smooth muscle, expand of cerebrovascular, reduce vascular resistance, améliorer la circulation sanguine, especially improve the microcirculation, can also inhibit the formation of arterial thrombosis.

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