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Originario de China, Setas shiitake (no GMO) se han comido durante casi 6000 años. Las setas ganaron prominencia durante la dinastía Ming (1368-1644), donde fueron considerados los “elixir de vida”. Aparte de ser una fuente natural de proteínas, setas shiitake niacina suministro, riboflavina, tiamina, potasio y hierro, y son una fuente natural de vitaminas A, B y C.

A large number of animal studies conducted over the last ten years have shown that another active component in shiitake mushrooms called eritadenine may support healthy lipid levels. Even when lab animals are given dietary protein rich in methionine (an amino acid researchers have found causes an increase in cholesterol formation), eritadenine still lowers plasma cholesterol levels in a dose-dependent manner. En otras palabras, the more eritadenine given, the better the support for healthy lipid levels are.
L-ergothioneine, un poderoso antioxidante, has been discovered in mushrooms, thanks to a new analytical method capable of identifying this antioxidant in plant material. In research presented at the 2005 American Chemical Society meeting in Washington, D.C., an American research team revealed that mushrooms contain higher concentrations L-ergothioneine than either of the two dietary sources previously believed to contain the most: chicken liver and wheat germ. Thrombosis, the formation of a blood clot that inhibits blood-flow, has been shown to be significantly reduced by individuals consuming shiitake mushroom oil.

A class of polysaccharides called lentinus edodes, polysaccharides extracted from lentinus edodes, also have the ability to shrink tumors.Lentinan is currently being used as an experimental anti-cancer drug, stimulating the production of t-lymphocytes and natural killer cells.

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