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Enzima pectinasa CAS de grado alimenticio 9032-75-1

6. Aditivos alimentarios
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-Product Description-Food Grade pectinase enzyme CAS 9032-75-1

Pectinase is a group of enzymes that break down a central part of plant cell walls. Enzymes are proteins that speed up the rate of reaction. These enzymes are an ubiquitous part of the fruit juice and wine-making industries. Also known as pectic enzymes, they are added to livestockfeed to help animals better digest their feed. They are also sold as nutritional supplements for humans to aid digestion.


They can be extracted from fungi such as Aspergillus niger. The fungus produces these enzymes to break down the middle lamella in plants so that it can extract nutrients from the plant tissues and insert fungal hyphae. If pectinase is boiled it is denatured (unfolded) making it harder to connect with the pectin at the active site, and produce as much juice.


-Function-Food Grade pectinase enzyme CAS 9032-75-1


  In the process of juice and vegetable,the recommend dosage is 0.3-1.0kg pectase /ton dry raw material .The solution of raw material should be adjusted to optimum range about the temperature and PH. before adding this enzyne. The needed temperature and PH should maintain during the processing of enzyme .


Aplicación deFood Grade pectinase enzyme CAS 9032-75-1 

1) Pectinase is added to livestock feed to help the animals better digest their food. This improves the health of their digestive systems and helps them to better digest nutrients;

2) The food and wine-making industries frequently use these enzymes in combination withamylase, which degrades starch, to clarify solutions;

3) Pectinase is also used when fruit is turned into pulp and then extracted to remove its juice because it has been found to improve the yield;

4) Other uses for pectic enzymes in the food industry include softening fruit rinds to making peeling them easier, and to ferment coffee and tea.



Food Grade pectinase enzyme CAS 9032-75-1


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 Food Grade pectinase enzyme CAS 9032-75-1

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Food Grade pectinase enzyme CAS 9032-75-1

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Food Grade pectinase enzyme CAS 9032-75-1


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