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Benifits von Rose Extract


Rose, alias wandernde Blumen, Rose Rose, Stift-Kopf Blume, stieg der Rosenfamilie ist Strauch Pflanzen, Rosen, zart und schön, eleganter Duft, reiche Farbe. Rose enthält vor allem Vitamin C, Carotin, Thiamin, Riboflavin, bitter, Tannin und Mineralstoffe wie Kalium, Natrium, Calcium und Magnesium.
Einige Rosen haben 50 times more vitamin C than lemons.It can enhance the body’s ability to produce collagen, resist free radical damage, and protect skin from uv damage. Rose warm, Süss, spicy slightly bitter, can help the internal qi movement, fördert die Durchblutung, has the role of dispelling silt.Modern scientific research discovers, rose place contains volatile oil to have the effect that promotes bile to secrete, can help gastric digest.Rose petals can be bathed or skin care, is the new century beauty care products .

Rose Extract

The function of rose extract

* Rose is the most significant effect of pollen and qi and blood, often taking rose pollen can have the effect of blood and relating, especially suitable for dysmenorrhea or menstruation to be not moved, and so on and so forth of women taking care, and rose pollen is have a good control effect on endocrine, eigentlich, women a lot of problems are caused by endocrine disorders.
* Rose extract is rich in flavonoids, organische Säuren, Vitamine und Mineralien, which can improve blood vessel permeability and reduce blood triglycerides and cholesterol .
* Rose extract is rich in flavonoids, vitamin C and other ingredients can effectively remove excessive free radicals in the body and can inhibit the cytochrome calm on the surface of the skin, also rose extract is rich in organic acids, volatile oil composition such as can runchang purge and help the body eliminate toxins from the body accumulation, powder can also play a role in nutrition and external use rose moisturizing and whitening pale spot beauty effect.


* Serve with honey, concrete, it is a moderate amount of rose pollen brewed in under 60 ℃ warm water first, and then the mixture after adding suitable amount of natural ripe honey drink, and rose pollen also can according to your own taste with milk, juice or other drink consumption, if can be used to the smell of the rose pollen also may be directly with warm water a blunt!
* Rose whitening and moisturizing mask rose powder 25-50g, appropriate amount of water, stir into paste, soak the face film apply on the face.It has the effect of moistening, moisturizing and tenderizing skin, suitable for dry skin.

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