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Taurine is an amino acid that occurs naturally in your body. It is particularly concentrated in your brain, eyes, heart and muscles. Unlike most other amino acids, it is not used to build proteins. Rather, it is classified as a conditionally essential amino acid. Your body can produce taurine, and it is also found in some foods. However, certain individuals — such as those with specific illnesses like heart disease or diabetes — may benefit from taking a supplement.It often added to energy drinks. While research is mixed, some studies suggest that taurine supplementation might improve athletic performance. And, in one study, people with congestive heart failure who took taurine supplements three times a day for two weeks showed improvement in their exercise capacity.

Product Name:Taurine
Appearance:White powder
CAS NO:107-35-7
Molecular Formula:C2H7NO3S
Formula Weight:125.147

Health Benefits&Application of Taurine

1. Taurine could accelerate the growth of the nervous system;
2. Taurine plays an important role in the maintenance of normal vision;
3. Taurine could improve the immune system and help the growth of the body;
4. Taurine could accelerate the digestion of fat and plays a role in gall bile metabolization;
5. Taurine helps to maintain the brain function and accelerate & upgrowth the brain of baby and children;
6. Taurine plays a role in endocrine balance, and it could adjust and protect the body’s cardiovascular system .

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