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GMP factory supply herb organic passion fruit powder

  • Product Description
Product Name Passion fruit powder Specification 100%
Appearance Fine powder Color Light yellow powder
Test Method TLC Solubility Water soluble
Used Part Fruit Application Food & Beverage

Do you know Passion Fruit?

Passion Fruit also known as egg fruit, it is a kind of fruit that looking like egg.Scientific name is Passiflora. The meaning of Passion is : Passionate, Love, Romance.It is tropical fruit, through a long time sun is conducive to the growth of egg fruit. Indains think Passion is a good downern.Passion fruit enjoy a high reputation of “ The king of Fruits” and a ready source of money.Passion fruit powder is rich in nutrition, it has special fragrant smell. And Passion fruit can give off variety smell. Such as Banana, Pineapple, Strawberry, Peach, Guava and other fruit flavor etc.So, Passion fruit powder is honoured as “The king of Juice’'Passion fruit powder contains 17 kinds of Amino acids, rich in protein, fat, sugar, vitamins, calcium and iron potassium SOD enzymes and other 165 kinds of substance. That is benefical for human body.Passion fruit has a high reputation for”The Kind of Vitamin C”.Product Function1,Improve human immunity.
Passion fruit powder is rich in Vitamin, fiber , protein and other more than 100 kinds of elements.These elements are very
benefical to human body. Moreover it carried taste and fragrance to the extremes.Passion fruit powder can improve human immunity, it is helpful to body growth for children and pregnant especially.

2,Loss weight:

Passion fruit powder contains the superfibrils can enter to a very samll area in stomach.That can deeply clean and detox. But it will not have any damage to the intestinal wall. Passion fruit powder can improve the body’s absorption function. It has good effect for relieving constipation and losing weight.

3,Mantain Beauty and Anti-Oxidation:

Passion fruit powder is not only rich in abundant nutrition, but also it can let people feel full.Which makes people reduce intake of other high calorie foods. Passion fruit powder can help to improve the body’s nutrient absorption structure. In particular, it contains VC, carotene, SOD enzyme to redical scavenging activity. So, Passion fruit powder has effect of maintaining beauty a, keeping young and anting aging.

4,Reducing mental stress:

Passion fruit powder contains niacin for cellular respiration.And participate in many metabolic processces in the body. It play anti- rickets disease, prevent depression and other effects. So, Passion fruit powder is suitable to eat for people,who bear all kind of pressure. Such as work and mental pressure etc.
Product Application1. Applied in food field
2. Applied in health product field

3. Applied in pharmaceutical field
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