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Imaherb riche en antioxydants extrait d'agrumes aurantium hespérétine


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What is Hesperetin?

Citrus aurantium is the Latin name for a fruit called Seville orange, or bitter orange. The juice, peel, and essential oil have all been used medicinally. Traditionally uses include digestive problems, épilepsie, fatigue, insomnie, infections, problèmes respiratoires, skin problems, and many other uses.

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Funtion and Application of Hespérétine

1.As a natural antioxidant, tangeretin is mainly used in cosmetic industry;
2.As a natural antioxidant, tangeretin is widely used in health product and food industry;
3.As raw materials of drugs for lowering cholesterol, anti-virus and anti-inflammatory, tangeretin.

1.Aliments fonctionnels sous forme de capsules ou pilules;
2.boissons solubles dans l'eau;
3.Les produits de santé sous forme de gélules ou des pilules.
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Liste de produits

Imaherb Best New Products Poudre de méthylcobalamine de vitamine B12 naturelle


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