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7. Extrait botanique

» 7. Extrait botanique

Vente chaude cardère Racine (xu Duan)

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What is Teasel Root (xu Duan) ?

Aussi connu sous le nom dipsacus, cardère est une plante à fleurs semblable en apparence à un lilas, avec de longs, fleurs cylindriques et les bractées (excroissances foliacés) qui sont incurvées et épineux. La plante, qui pousse dans toute l'Europe et certaines régions d'Asie, peut atteindre une hauteur de cinq pieds, et porte de petits fruits qui ressemblent à des noix.
Teasel roots are used medicinally. The roots are dug up in the summer (usually July and August) and cleaned, with the fibrous material and dirt removed. The roots are then cut into slices and dried in the sun before being used in herbal preparations.
In traditional Chinese medicine, teasel root is affiliated with the Liver and Kidney meridians, and has bitter, pungent and warm properties. Its functions are to tonify the liver and kidneys, favoriser la circulation sanguine, and strengthen the bones and tendons.

COA of Teasel Root (xu Duan)

A quoi cela sert?

Teasel root can be used internally or externally. Internally, teasel root treats pain and weakness in the knees and lower back, helps repair damaged tissues such as bones and ligaments, and can control bleeding during a woman’s pregnancy. As a tonic, it is used to control arestless fetusin pregnant women, often in combination with eucommia bark, astragale, Chinese angelica and other herbs. Externally, it can be combined into a poultice with drynaria and dragon’s blood to reduce swelling and relieve pain.

How to use it?

Take 1 g à chaque fois, 1 à 2 fois par jour, or as instructed by a herbal practitioner.
Dissolve in hot water or mix into yogurt.

What can happen if I take too much teasel root

When treating uterine bleeding, make sure to use teasel root that has been fried. For external uses, make sure to use a powdered version of teasel root. As a tonic, both raw and cooked versions may be used. As of this writing, there are no known drug interactions with teasel root, or side-effects associated with large amounts of teasel root. As always, toutefois, make sure to consult with a licensed health care provider before taking teasel root or any other herbal remedy or dietary supplement.

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