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sucre de graines de coton


sucre de graines de coton est largement présent dans la nature. Il est un excellent facteur de prolifération des bifidobactéries. Il a une variété de fonctions telles que l'intégrité intestinale et improvement.It d'immunité est soluble dans l'eau, légèrement soluble dans les solvants polaires tels que l'éthanol, stable dans un environnement chaud et acide, avec une douceur de 22% ~ 23% de saccharose et aucune hygroscopicité.

Cottonseed sugar is one of the most well-known trisaccharides in nature. It is formed by the combination of galactose, fructose and glucose, and is found in most plants. It is also known as melitriose, melitriose and raffinose.Cottonseed sugar passes smoothly through the stomach and intestines without being absorbed.Cottonseed sugar is an excellent nutrient source and effective proliferation factor for beneficial bacteria such as bifidobacterium and lactobacillus acidophilus in the human intestinal tract. Cottonseed sugar can complete the intestine and improve defecation. It can improve the digestive function of the human body and promote the absorption of calcium in the human body.So as to enhance human immunity.It has obvious effects on disease prevention and anti-aging.Cottonseed sugar can be used as the main component of the protective transport solution for human and animal organ transplantation and as a synergistic agent to prolong the survival of viable bacteria at room temperature.

Gossypol oligosaccharide is neither degraded nor absorbed in the small intestine, and is only used in the large intestine by bifidobacteria and lactobacillus acidophilus to promote the proliferation of bifidobacteria, which is the proliferation factor of bifidobacteria.Gossypium oligosaccharide can regulate the balance of intestinal bacteria, restore the original shape of intestinal wall and form a protective layer to protect intestinal health.It can prevent the massive production of harmful substances in the intestinal tract and reduce the burden on the liver, thus playing a role in preventing and treating various liver disorders and diseases.Thus effectively from the root to solve the problem of beauty, keep the skin delicate, lisse, élastique, skin evergreen youth.

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