6. Additifs alimentaires

» 6. Additifs alimentaires

TOP Poudre de malate de magnésium de qualité alimentaire

6. Additifs alimentaires
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 Product Description of TOP Food grade Magnesium malate powder



Nom du produit Magnesium malate powder
Autre nom L-Magnesium Malate
CAS NO. 54940-97-5
Application qualité alimentaire
Apparence  poudre blanche
Durée de conservation 3 années
MOQ 1kg



 Introduction of TOP Food grade Magnesium malate powder



The organic compound Magnesium Malate is an α-acide aminé. Its name is derived from citrullus, the Latin word for watermelon, from which it was first isolated in 1914 by Koga & Odake. It was finally identified by Wada in 1930. It has the formula H2NC(la)NH(CH2)3CH(-NH2)CO2H. It is a key intermediate in the urea cycle, the pathway by which mammals excrete ammonia.


IMAHERB BIOTECH sont engagées principalement dans la production et la vente d'extraits de plantes naturelles, pigment naturel, et la nourriture super organique qui est principalement utilisé dans les produits de santé, produits de beauté, produits chimiques, les additifs alimentaires et les produits pharmaceutiques & Gomme CMC de carboxyméthylcellulose sodique de qualité alimentaire



More details of TOP Food grade Magnesium malate powder



(1) Magnesium Malate might promote cardiac benefits in patients with certain types of heart failure.
(2) Magnesium Malate might be beneficial in maintaining muscle strength and preventing muscle breakdown.
(3) Magnesium Malate might help fight fatigue.
(4) Magnesium Malate Increased Nitric Oxide Production.
(5) Magnesium Malate reduces Lactic Acid and Ammonia which are acid byproducts of protein metabolism.
(6) Magnesium Malate Increases ATP and phosphocreatine recovery after exercise.



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