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boisson énergétique fait référence à la boisson qui régule les fonctions du corps humain dans une certaine mesure en ajustant le rapport de composition et teneur en nutriments dans le beverage.According à la classification des boissons énergétiques à partir des données pertinentes, on croit que la définition large de boissons énergisantes comprend des boissons sportives, energy drinks and other drinks with health care functions.Energy drink is a kind of health drink, it contains potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and other electrolytes, similar to body fluid, and can be absorbed by the body more quickly after drinking, timely replenish the water and electrolytes (salts) lost by a lot of sports and sweat, and make the body fluid reach the balance state.

Energy drinks refer to drinks that adjust the composition and content ratio of natural nutrients in drinks to meet the nutritional needs of certain special groups, including nutrient drinks, sports drinks and other special purpose drinks.Energy drinks are mainly used to fight fatigue and replenish energy.Energy drinks are divided into nutrient drinks, sports drinks and other special purpose drinks.Common ones are as follows:

Polysaccharide beverage
Point to the beverage that contains prandial fiber mostly, can adjust intestines and stomach.Usually drink before or after meals, can help digestion, eliminate toxins in the body.

Vitamin drink
Vitamin drink can supplement the body needs a variety of nutrients.Vitamin drinks in addition to supplement the human body needs the vitamin, the antioxidant ingredients can also clear the body of waste, play an anti-aging role.

Sports drinks
Sports drinks are soft drinks that can meet the physical characteristics and special nutritional needs of athletes or those who take part in physical exercise.Sports drinks are drinks that allow athletes or people participating in sports to quickly replenish water and nutrients after drinking.Can reduce consumption and restore vitality.Most contain a large number of beneficial proteins, peptides and amino acids, which can timely supplement the water and salt lost by a lot of exercise and sweat.

Low energy drinks
Low-energy drinks contain less calories, fat and sugar than other energy drinks, especially those that supplement energy, and are suitable for obese people.Drinking low energy drinks can complement our body needs nutrition, colorful days drinkable ammonia amino acid solid drinks, amino acid is the basic composition unit of the protein, can help the body to provide nutrition, colorful days drinking ammonia amino acid beverage not only lead to health problems, but also can supplement the human body needs nutrition, renforcer la résistance.

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