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¿Cuál es la India densiflora Guerrero Pedicularis ?


pedicularis densiflora, known commonly as Indian warrior o warrior’s plume, es una planta del género en la familia Iousewort violación escoba.

Guerrero indio es nativo de California y Oregon en el oeste de América del Norte y se encuentra en el chaparral, bosques, bosques de robles de California en elevaciones más bajas.


pedicularis densiflora is a perennial herb with stout, verde o, a veces de color rojizo o magenta tallos y hojas en forma de helechos, y largas espigas de flores de color rojo oscuro a rosa brillante con pétalos dentados.

Like others of its genus, it is a root parasitic plant, attaching to the roots of other plants to obtain nutrients and water. This species is a facultative parasite, or hemiparasite, in that it can live without attaching to another plant but will parasitize if presented with the opportunity. It often parasitizes plants of the heath family , such as manzanita.

Indian Warrior Pedicularis densiflora used for?

Indian Warrior (pedicularis densiflora) is the most potent species of Pedicularis, which is known for its purported sedating and relaxing effects.

Indian Warrior is used as a tea or tincture for its ability to relax tense muscles. It is also useful for helping with insomnia and nerve pain. The buds and flowers are often smoked or added to herbal smoking blends for their color, sabor, and relaxing properties

pedicularis densiflora (Indian Warrior) was used medicinally as a muscle relaxant and is thought to be smoked by at least one Native American tribe for its narcotic effects.

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