3. Ingredientes cosméticos

» 3. Ingredientes cosméticos

Precio de la sericina del extracto de sericina de seda de la venta de fábrica

3. Ingredientes cosméticos
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Factory Sale Silk Sericin Extract Sericin Price


nombre del producto: Seda fibroína Powder

Main ingredient: Silk protein

Tamaño de malla: 2μmetro, 5μmetro,10μmetro,40μmetro

Apariencia: Polvo blanco a amarillo claro

Grado: Grado cosmética, Grado de comida


Project Silk Amino Acids Powder
Caracteres Creamy white powder, easily dissolving in water and has sweet taste
 Identify Ninhydrin reaction is positive
Nitrógeno total (%) ≥15
Drying Shrinkage (%) ≤4
Residuos en ignición (%) ≤3
Contenido solido (%)  
 Valor PH 4.5.0-6.5
Total Content of Glycine, L-alanina, L-Serine (%) ≥83
Metal pesado (recorded with pb) /(mg / kg) ≤5
 Arsénico (mg / kg) ≤0.5
 Total Bacterial Count (CFU / g) ≤100
coliformes (MPN) (entity/100g) ≤30
Bacteria patogénica (Salmonela, Shigella, Staphylococcus Aureus) Not Detectable


Introduction-Sericin Price


Water-soluble mixed amino acids, also called Fibroin-90, whose average molecular weight is about 90, which is acquired after the hydrolysis of silk fibroin. White or creamy white powder, or faint yellow transparent liquid, la reacción de la ninhidrina es positivo.


Silk powder is a kind of silk protein with high molecular weightwater soluble. Silk Powder has the function of excellent natural humidity-control and caring for one’s skinpreventing part of ultraviolet radiationprevent and curing some skin disease result from all kinds of dampness and dryness. It has super effect used in prevent sunshine produce.

The silk powder possesses the unique ability of absorbing oiltherefore it is suitable for the cosmetics applied to the oily skin. The particle size is from 5um to 100um with various specifications. Our extra fine Silk Powder can more easily mixed with cosmetic than common ones with thinner particle size.




 Function of Sericin Price

(1)Mixed amino acids, a kind of highly practical nutrient substance with higher nutritive value, is produced through biochemistry technology which adopts the raw material of mulberry silk in which alanine, serine and glycine account for more than 83%.
(2)Glycine and Serine of silk essence are raw materials to synthesize protein in organisms, and are also precursors for synthesis of glutathione, which has a preventive effect on cardiovascular diseases, cancer and aging; Glycine also has an antidotal action on the detoxication of aromatic compounds which can cause cancer; alanine promotes the alcohol metabolism, protects the liver and prevents people from being drunk; tyrosine has a good effect on preventing senile dementia.
(3)Silk essence can easily impenetrate into the dermis layer of skin, be quickly absorbed by the skin, and takes part in enzyme activities, which obtains the actions of humidity, hidratante, UV radiation, inhibiting melanin production, preventing skin aging and nourishing the skin.

Sericin protein Packing:1kg / bolsa, 25kgs / tambor de dos bolsas de plástico dentro y papel-tambores o los requerimientos del cliente.
Sericin protein Storage:Almacenar en apretada, recipientes resistentes a la luz, evitar la exposición a la luz solar directa, la humedad y el calor excesivo.

Sericin Price
24 meses si se almacena correctamente.



 Factory Sale Silk Sericin Extract Sericin Price



 Factory Sale Silk Sericin Extract Sericin Price



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